I’ve always felt sorry for the guy who had to write this whole About Us bit, for I’ve never read it and I’m going to guess neither have you.  So we are going to try and keep your attention for at least two paragraphs, then we’ll see it as a mission accomplished!

So, on this page we are supposed to give you some information on how we started, who we are, what we do, our history  . .  . etc.  OK we’re going to sum this up in one short sentence: one day a few months ago (middle 2011) we decided to start a clothing label.  (Thank you for bearing with us through that useless history bit.) Now that that is behind us, lets carry on if we may.  

Yes,  you’re right we sell T-shirts (and other extremely awesome products) BUT that’s not what we are about.  We have got something bigger in mind.  Confused?  I know … but listen to this: Ryken is much more than just a t-shirt or a cap  . . . it’s about everyone that wants to be part of the Ryken Company.  A movement..  Please people, not a cult!  A movement..

The Company of Ryken wants to inspire and motivate you to live big  In other words it’s all about YOU and what you can achieve.

Look we’re not going to try and kid you, life is tough, it really is.  If you want something, you’re going to have to work to get it.  You are probably going to have to work harder than you think.  But when the work is done…    

We in the company of Ryken are here to tell you something you’ve heard many times, but have forgotten many times as well: you can achieve anything if you believe you can.  We’re sorry we meant, you CAN achieve ANYTHING if you BELIEVE you can (the work part also still applies).  People who’ve reached success, contrary to popular belief, did not wake up one day with glory and riches.  They believed they could do something and they did it.  And that, our friends is the big hidden secret of success.  Belief and work.  

Never ever sell yourself short, because you have every capability needed to succeed in that which you want to succeed.  Ryken is a symbol and a reminder of the power inside of you and to live without fear, without restriction and with a lot of passion.

We at Ryken want to tell you start TODAY, use everything you have and go get what you desire (remember keep it legal please!).


Don’t let ANYBODY tell you, you can’t get what you want.  Draw your target and hit it with EVERYTHING you’ve got.  Hold nothing back.  Engrave a goal in your mind and never let it go.  Find the means to acquire it.  Find the people to help you.  Find the right path to follow.  But most importantly,